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Use the advanced training app, ebooks and worksheets to pass the new 2021 HSK3.0 exam easier, faster and with no risk of failure.

Get your HSK 3.0 certificate

This proven training app (from the developer of Drive in China) will help you to get your HSK3.0 certificate in no-time with 100% passing guarantee.

Reduce your study time

The advanced training features help you to practice only your weak areas

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Detailed result analysis and monitoring finds your weaknesses and helps you to overcome them

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If you are in China and Google Play does not work the only way to get the Android version is to use a VPN service. I have tested 2 (ExpressVPN and NordVPN) and they both work great with the App. You should check them out since they often have special offers and promotions.


Why do I have to pay seperately for each device?

Maintaining a software for 4 different operating systems is a lot of work. I offer package deals where you can save money here.

You do not seem to be native Chinese - Why should I buy from you?

The questions, the book and all the material was created in a team effort with a native Mandarin teacher (who also recorded the audio files). The advantage is that the material was created from the perspective of a foreigner with all the difficulties and a way to overcome them.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes of course, you can download the software from the official stores of your device (links above).  To try or download one of the puzzles you can go here.

What is the puzzle book all about?

Studies have shown that people learn much faster and intensively when the topic is wrapped into a game. So I put all the vocabulary into crossword puzzles and Sudoku riddles. This combines fun and study and helps to memorize the material much easier.

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