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Match Hanzi – The Chinese Character Game

Who says that learning Chinese can’t be fun? Enjoy this free Match 3 game and try to bring Chinese characters in a row to make them disappear.

Chinese character game

  • Includes 300 levels
  • Special stones that explode
  • Time bonus stones
  • Standard and Arcade mode
  • Highscores
  • Free downoad


  • All 176 single characters of Chinese level 1
  • Characters are color coded so you can easily see the tone
  • Increasing difficulty
  • Touching a stone shows the pinyin
  • Translations and meaning
  • Ad-free option
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Combine fun and game and remember your characters by simply playing the game.

HSK1 Trainer – Cross Platform Practice Tests

HSK1 exam preparation simulates the real exam with the 2 sections Listen and Read with the following sections


  • Sound – Image true or false
  • Sound – Answer question
  • Sound – Pick image
  • Sound – 3 Images


  • Fill in the gaps
  • Evaluate statement
  • Text – Image true or false
  • Statement – Assign Image

Additionally the App include 3 vocabulary trainers:

  • English – Chinese
  • Chinese – English
  • Sound – Chinese

Furthermore the following documentation is included

  • Radicals
  • Zodiacs
  • Stroke order
  • Vocabulary

The Secret of Mastering Your Chinese Level 1 Exam

The Secret to Mastering Your Chinese Level 1 Exam begins with an introduction leaving the reader no choice but to ponder why they did not acquire this informative guide sooner. This invaluable resource promises that diligent readers will pass their HSK1 with little to no efforton the first try after following the method prescribed here for just under eight weeks!

While not a native Chinese speaker, the author has lived in China for over six years and understands the struggle involved with beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese from scratch. After all, for readers from English-speaking countries, the Chinese language is going to be absolutely different in every way from anything they know. But it is precisely the author’s understanding—and his success in mastering the Chinese language—that makes him the perfect teacher to present this vividly clear, time-saving approach to learning to read, speak, and write one of the most complex languages in the world. 

This book will teach readers how to count to 99, tell time, recognize dates, and make appointments. You will also learn how to introduce yourself, find help, read and write 150 Chinese words—and even more Chinese characters! And those are just some of the benefits to discover!