HSK 3.0 Elementary Level 2 – MI ZI GE Chinese Writing Practice Universal Calendar – Learn 1 New Character a Day


Starting July 2021, the new HSK 3.0 standard will replace the previous six-level model. With a lot more characters to cover the best way to remember is to practice a little bit every day. Use this planner and create your own study book by focusing on 1 character a day.

  • All Characters of the elementary stage – Level 2 (300)
  • One page for each day of the year
  • A weekly page for character selection
  • Characters can be cut out to be used as flashcards
  • Mi Zi Ge style boxes (beginner-friendly) on each page
  • Hourly lines for the most important events of the day
  • Weekdays in Chinese for additional practice
  • No fixed dates – Start practicing for 300 days at any time
  • Vocabulary list (organized by radicals) for dictionary practice

Elementary level 2 and 3, as well as additional practice paper, is available as well.

Note: The flashcards do not contain the stroke order for the characters because once you have learned the rules for writing Chinese characters the stroke order for each word is obvious (A short introduction to the rules is in the book). I highly recommend learning all the radicals – the basic character components as well  (e.g. with my Radicals practice book) This makes it easier to remember all the words and speeds up future learning.