About HSK Institute

HSK institute is all about helping you getting you HSK certificate faster, easier and on the first try. All the materials were developed by an advanced mandarin teacher and have successfully helped many students to speak basic Chinese already.

My name is Michael Borgers, I was born in Germany and worked at HP for 20+ years and lived in China for about 8 years. I created cross-platform Apps to pass exams, several websites, books and consider myself to be a passionate programmer, constant learner, and entrepreneur. 

I just love the challenge of taking exams so I started a blog to help others to lose their fear, to improve their study skills and actually to enjoy taking a test. So if you like to improve your overall study skills feel free to visit Improve Study Habits. If you liked my apps and services and it helped you to pass the test consider leaving me a review on one of the app stores, I would really appreciate that. If you like to support me further you can reward yourself with a ‘Show you passed‘ product from my shop.