HSK 1+2 Tian Zi Ge Chinese Writing Practice Calendar with PinYin and Translations



Learning Chinese characters is difficult and time-consuming. The best way to remember is to practice a little bit every day. Use this planner and create your own study book by focusing on 1 character a day.

  • One page for each day of the year
  • A weekly page for character selection
  • Pre-filled characters (All characters for HSK1 and 2)
  • Characters can be cut out to be used as flashcards
  • Tian Zi Ge style boxes (beginner-friendly) on each page
  • Hourly lines for the most important events of the day
  • Weekdays in Chinese for additional practice
  • No fixed dates – Start practicing for 1 year at any time

This is the full version of the calendar with all characters, Pinyin, and translations. If you like to practice looking up each character in a dictionary you should use the version without translations.